“Flint’s Finest Basketball is an elite program in that Coach Jerome Adams uses basketball as a means of teaching skills which enable his players to navigate through life more successfully.  Coach Adams’ background in physical fitness and healing ensures practices which promote physical fitness and health in the players. He helps each player to develop their particular skill set, while learning new skills to win in basketball games, and in life. Flint’s Finest promotes educational achievement  and encourages the players to reach deep within themselves to perform at their highest level in every facet of life. The coaches make it clear that good grades and sports go hand in hand. I thank Coach Jerome for a program that helps young men grow into productive, responsible and respectful adult men. Flint’s Finest participants are required to respect themselves, their teammates and their coaches.

This is a quality program from its teachings, to its tournaments, to its uniforms. Flint’s Finest builds character, builds honor, and builds leadership, along with  building athletics. Caring and constructive advice encourages the players to work hard and overcome any obstacles that they encounter. I have had two sons play basketball with Flint’s Finest. As a parent it feels good knowing that your child is learning and playing competitive basketball in a safe, challenging, and ethical environment. Thank you Flint’s Finest Basketball!”

Cynthia Reid,
Juris Doctor of Law